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Formerly Butters Land Trust

Protecting the Headwaters of Oakland's Peralta Creek


Upcoming Events

Earth Day

Saturday April 18, 2020

Your help is needed to keep the canyon clean and fire safe!

Location: In Butters Canyon, on Butters Drive (near 3514 Butters Drive). Park near Butters and Robinson, and walk north on Butters.

When: 9 am-12 noon. Come for the whole time or as much as you can spare.

Wear long pants, long sleeves and sturdy shoes. Bring gloves if you have them.

Can't attend an event? You can help preserve Butters Canyon for future generations.
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Past Events

Butters Bistro Fundraising Event 2009

Butters Canyon Cleanup Days

Butters Canyon Giant Family Yard Sale

Earth Days

Creek to Bay Days

Grizzly Peak Cyclists Day

National Night Out - August 5, 2014


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