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Grizzly Peak Cyclists Day

August 11, 2001

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The Butters Land Trust hosted a water break for cyclists on Saturday morning, August 11. Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of Judy Anderson, filled a bowl on the table when the cyclists pulled in--and had completely disappeared when the last cyclist pulled out.

The group totaled 26 cyclists, including 3 leaders. They chatted about "BBR," the Burdeck-Butters-Robinson alternative to Joaquin Miller Road. Dozens of cyclists every weekend follow that route through the scenic neighborhood, enjoying the serenity of the canyon.

The cyclists came from 12--get that, 12!--different Bay Area cities:

Berkeley 8
Oakland 7
San Francisco 2
Alameda 1
Castro Valley 1
El Cerrito 1
El Sobrante 1
Kensington 1
Moraga 1
Richmond 1
San Anselmo 1
Walnut Creek 1


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